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The diameter of micro-fibre is only l/10 0f silk 0.4um,the cross section isspecial and it can clean the little dust, blot and oil even it is only several microns,keep your lens at good vision.
The rate of Polyester 80:20 makes the materials very soft and no harm to the surface of goods even in the
exact fields,for example:in the productio-ns of coating-lens and integrate circuit etc.
The special weave structure of the cloth makes the cleaning area rate to be 220 squares,absolve the dust
easily and mass.You can clean the go-lds gently.
lts features:micro fibre,dye quickly and excellent capillary'S effect.
It won't be broken easily because of the high flexibility.The fibre couln't be peel off and no contamination in
the area after cleaning.


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