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Glasses microfiber cloth offbeat uses

Published Time:2012.07.10 News source: Views No.

With a friend to a restaurant to eat hot pot, just sat down, the waiter will pass a piece of plastic bag packaging soft cloth. Why just give me one?The face of doubt, the waiter smiled and said, will you wear glasses ah, this is a piece of glasses cloth! See light suddenly: hot pot hot air will make lenses becoming foggy!This piece of cloth glasses, can easily solve the problem. It is this same store chopsticks chopsticks, than the average to twice as long as that one.Think, also not difficult to find the answer -- hotpot with clouds of steam, chopsticks, will burn your hand.According to message of China Daily website: Recently, Japanese market glasses cloth is very popular, selling more than the usual4 times, but these glasses cloth is not all for wiping the glasses.Originally, close period of time, the Japanese women aged 10-30intermediate vibe, glasses cloth inside the superfine fiber skin effect, so a lot of glasses cloth used to wash the face, be they face, leading to the market supply of glasses cloth.......Good service can make the products gain appreciation, the commercial law has been accepted by more and more people.Liaoning Academy of Social Sciences Institute of economic research assistant director, researcher Zhang Tianwei thought:" value-added services ." in addition to provide consumers with better service, more importantly, it can make the market more active, people are more willing to consume, directly stimulating domestic demand, it is also the development of the market economy gradually mature symbol.For example, in the United States, Canada in these countries, the value-added service has been developed to the extreme, some businesses in order to make the value of the product is improved, in the sales process to join with a lot of human touch service.For example, a children's bookstore sell a book, called readers regularly hosting parties, design distinctive packaging and bag, shop layout is also more warm, full of childlike." Introduction Zhang Tianwei. So the use of glasses cloth, glasses cloth and many others, now glasses microfiber cloth use is more and more extensive, has been deep into all walks of life in the modern production, is a personal friend.Danyang double into superfine fiber products limited company is sale of ultra-fine fiber products professional manufacturers.The details please consult:(0086)-511-86962360(0086)-511-86882345 (0086)-511-86883383 .Company website:

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