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Cotton traders to buy or not buy the lower limit received a wait-and-see

Published Time:2011.12.20 News source:DANYANG SHUANGCHENG MICRO-FIBRE WARE CO.,LTD. Views No.

Reduced production, prices are low, buyers waive the wait and see, Yuncheng farmers anxiously helpless; affected by the global economic situation, the upstream and downstream enterprises can be ordered to sell, farmers can not avoid risks.

Yuncheng Prefecture cotton price volatility, and difficulty in selling phenomenon, farmers own factors, but also on the current international and domestic cotton market supply and demand situation.

Shanxi Province, cotton and linen company's business Minister Wei Feng analysts believe that the Shanxi Province this year's cotton yield and quality are affected by climate, but nationwide and even worldwide, this year can still be counted as a cotton harvest, the overall supply is not shortages; in the context of global economic cooling, China's textile orders be reduced cotton demand is not optimistic overall abundant supply of cotton, affected by international cotton spot prices continued to fall.

The report from the China Cotton Association: "In the current economic situation, textile corporate finance is more difficult, in addition to the inventory of poor digestion, and stop limit production increase in the proportion of faster return of funds to maintain the normal operation of enterprises, the majority of sales given production. "

Some futures researchers said, that one of the reasons for the volatility of cotton prices is the injection of the "financial bubble" and pulled out, and last year a lot of money into the cotton market, cotton prices climbed, with the cotton market this year, "financial bubble" squeeze out, cotton prices have been declining.

According to the survey, prices and market uncertainty has led to increased risk of acquisition of cotton in the cotton industry chain downstream processing enterprises in line with the thinking "to buy up or not to buy" do not want to inventory, individual traders to rely on loans and hot money to purchase cotton suspension of watching and small and medium-acquired businesses.

In Yuncheng, many cotton purchasing and processing point was the local cotton ", but now, they" have trouble.

Ruicheng County, Yuncheng City clay Township the Xu Pocun a temporarily closed the closure of the ginning factory owner said: "We are not sure, this time to receive the cotton hand, as holding the bomb, if prices fall further, then loss big. "

Yuncheng Branch Manager of Shanxi Province, cotton and linen the Wang Jianheng countries beginning this year on cotton to implement temporary purchasing and storage, temporary purchasing and storage price of standard grade lint library price of 19,800 yuan per ton, equivalent to 8.6 yuan / kg of seed cotton is about, Yuncheng Prefecture seed cotton market price is lower than the national interim purchasing and storage price, but due to the acquisition of the main channels are sluggish, Yuncheng farmers sell cotton difficult issues remain unresolved.

"But the acquisition of the main force of our cotton prior to the acquisition of market liberalization in the cotton, but in recent years, funding a serious lack of supply and marketing cooperatives in this main channel of the acquisition of cotton is also facing the dilemma of the money received cotton, it is difficult to play its due role The Yuncheng branch 60003 1000 square meters of warehouse, purchasing and storage can be nearly 60,000 tons of cotton, but there are all idle, "said Wang Jianheng.

Own funds, the mobilization of financial difficulties, Yuncheng City, supply and marketing cooperatives in recent years received the cotton used funds from the Agricultural Development Bank loan.

However, in order to avoid risks, the Agricultural Development Bank in recent years introduced a new cotton procurement funding, and management advice, the loan scheme there have been two major changes: First, take a centralized warehouse warehouse receipts mode, the second is taken with the Guarantee and property mortgage mode.

Wangjian Heng said: "According to the actual situation of supply and marketing cooperatives cotton enterprises to take the first approach will increase the per ton, a lot of costs, difficult to enforce in the case of cotton has entered the era of meager profit; supply and marketing cooperative system is not large enterprises, guarantee qualification is not enough or the guarantee amount is very small, and take the second approach does not work. "

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